Difference Between Ping and Traceroute command

Today will tell about traceroute and ping command on Windows command prompt. Ping and traceroute command allow you to troubleshoot and check your connection to your website

Difference Between Ping And Traceroute Command

The PING command is used to test the connectivity between two machines while Traceroute command is used for trace the data packet from the user’s computer to internet host.

In order to initiate ping command, you need to type IP address whom you want to ping eg. ping -t or your network IP

Ping Command

Ping is used to testing whether the host is reachable or not. Traceroute is used to track down the entire path.

PING sends ICMP ECHO messages to the destination while Traceroute sends UDP to the destination

In order to use the tracert command, you will need an IP address or a domain name that you want to test connectivity eg. replace ‘domainname’ with your domain name like tracert in your command prompt window

Ping is a quick and easy utility to tell if the specified server is reachable or not and how long will it take to send and receive data from the server while Traceroute finds the exact route taken to reach the server and time taken by each hop (ROUTER).

In PING command if you are seeing request timeout means host (computer) you are pinging might be down or unreachable or ping command has been disabled for that network by the system administrator

Ping easy way to tell the user whether a destination is reachable or not Traceroute tell the TTL (time to live)

How does traceroute command make sure that a packet is dropped at which hop (router)?
It uses TTL (time to live) field for this purpose. TTL is set as 1 for first packets, then 2 and so on until destination is reached. When a packet is dropped, the router sends an ICMP Time Exceeded message back to the source. That is how source figures out total time

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