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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Phone

Do you want to recover deleted photos from android phone?

occasionally When a file is deleted from your Android phone, the file still remains in some place so it is always good practice to recover the deleted files as soon as possible before it gets overwritten or deleted permanently. so for this situation, we use a file recovery program to restore the files from your Android phone.

Format the SD card carelessly, accidentally delete some family photos, pictures suddenly become inaccessible. Things like this happen occasionally. So many people wondered is there a way to restore deleted photos from an Android phone? actually, if the card is not physically damaged, you can get them back without any quality loss.

So instead of a recovery app for Android, we are recommended to install windows app to recover a data recovery.

Easy steps to recover deleted photos from Android

You do not necessarily need to root your device to be able to recover photos, music, videos and other files from your smartphone you can use the free tool called Recuva or GetData Recover My Files to recover your deleted files from Android. This is how you use Recuva to recover deleted files from your Android:

    • Connect your device to your computer.
    • Start Recuva.

    • Select your device from the list on the top left and click Scan.

  • When the scan is complete, select the file, and click Recover.

Recover Via Android Application

Many Android apps recover deleted photos from an android phone as well from android’s internal memory allow you to do this directly from your Android device, but for a full recovery, you need a rooted smartphone. we recommend DiskDigger android app, which allows you to recover deleted photos and files from your internal memory or even on a microSD card.

Install App from the above-given link

open DiskDigger app and scan of your android device

Select the files you want to recover from those that Diskdigger was able to recover

It will give the preview of the photos (already deleted photos), this time you will be able to visualize the deleted files easily.

Note: Diskdigger app work much smoother with rooted android device if you want to Complete guide on know how to Root Android Device Click Here to know How to root On a non-rooted device, DiskDigger is limited to recovering images from your thumbnail caches.

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    Recuva is best option to recover data

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